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Price list – Webend Online Marketing Services

S/NServiceUnit Price (N)
1Website Design & Dev. (Business)50,000.00
2Website Design & Dev. (ecommerce)95,000.00
3Website Design & Dev. (ecommerce + multi vendor)160,000.00
4Social Media Consulting25,000.00
5Community Engagement (UOM = Month)50,000.00
6Keyword Research15,000.00
7SEO Audit15,000.00
8Technical SEO35,000.00
9SEO Consulting (UOM = Month)50,000.00
10Content strategy & Production40,000.00
11Blog Content Production  (UOM = Month)50,000.00
12Training: Online Marketing for students of Tertiary institutions with immediate certification from Denmark5,000.00
13Training: Online Marketing for corporate organisations (10 people) with immediate certification from Denmark120,000.00

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