Why Your Business Needs a Company Profile Document

Many small business owners who are either customers or acquaintances have had reasons to ask me the question; do I really need a company profile?
The answer to this question is an equivocal ‘YES’. This is what I always tell them.
However, I feel that many other people outside my circle might be interested in knowing whether or not they need a company profile and if they do, what are the benefits of having a company profile?

Let me start this article by defining what a company profile is and please this is not a management exam definition but a practical and working definition:
A company profile or what is referred to as corporate or business profile is actually a document that presents the essence and peculiarities of a business (what the business does, strategies, values, mission and vision of the business, it’s peculiar strengths vis a vis competitors, it’s products and services, team members and partners, it’s clients, contact details etc) in a captivating way to stake holders (potential clients, investors sponsors or regulators).
Now that we know what a company profile really is, what are the benefits that accrue to a company that has it?
The following are the reasons you should get your company a corporate profile:

  1. Brand awareness
    The major importance of a corporate profile is to draw attention to the company or brand that owns it. it introduces the entity in it’s entirety to the reader thereby creating the needed awareness for the brand.
  2. Credibility
    Because the company profile document states the values, mission and vision statements of the company including its clients and stakeholders, the reader get a feeling of credibility from reading it.
  3. Non sales persuasion
    Usually people are aversed to sales and advertisement as they feel it usually try to coerce them to spend their money. however the corporate profile presents information that persuade the potential clients and other stakeholders to patronise the company without been aggressive and sales like.
  4. All encompassing tool
    A well crafted company profile is a versatile, all in one marketing, sales and PR tool.
  5. Road map for business growth
    Stating the present position of the company in juxtaposition to the visions and goals of the organisation with the unique strengths of the company can actually help to guide the organization towards growth.
  6. Helps to attract the right stakeholders
    The company profile is always the go-to document for potential employees and customers alike. It helps to give them insights into what to expect from the company base on the given information. Sponsors and investors also find it very useful.
  7. Gives the competitive advantage
    The whole essence of designing and writing a unique company profile is to present your organisation in the best possible way to stakeholders and to outclass competitors. Thus, a well written and well packaged company profile delivers the desired competitive advantage.

    In conclusion, it is imperative to put the best effort and expertise to getting your company profile through the four necessary stages of conceptualization, copywriting, design and printing before it is circulated to the target audience. We at Webend Online Marketing Services are equipped to assist you achieve this feat.

    Tunde is the founder of Webend Online Marketing Services, a Nigerian based online marketing agency with a global outlook. You can reach him on +2349014501924.

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